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PHOTO: Angela Rapoza
Angela w/ Mariela and Ana (L. to R.)

Angela Rapoza

Jesus Christ

Veteran Missionary (16 Years - Bolivia)


Last Updated: June 9th, 2016

Angela Rapoza, originally born in Hawaii, has lived in Hawaii and Oregon, USA. When she was 18, she answered God's call to missions and spent 6 months in Santa Cruz, Bolivia with Youth with a Mission (YWAM). She returned to Bolivia less than a year later and was stationed in the town of Entre Rios at the locally based mission. She remained there for 10+ years and ministered to the youth and adults of Entre Rios and in the surrounding villages.

PHOTO teaching on outreach

After she had been there for some years she began to have a burden for an indigenous tribe in Bolivia for quite sometime and eventually moved into the Weenhayek tribal village of Capirendita and has now lived and ministered in the local church there and in many surrounding villages for the last few years. She primarily ministers to many of the youth in the area villages and their mothers.

She has been a resident missionary to Bolivia now for over 16 years working in evangelism and discipling, assisting the local churches and evangelistic teams as well as foreign teams. She speaks fluent English, Spanish and Weenhayek and at times has been called upon to translate for other missions and medical teams.

PHOTO teaching on outreach Over a year ago, Angela had it on her heart to begin the long process there of adopting two young girls, both abandoned, who had been living with her for some months. They had been originally placed in an orphanage. Ana and Mariela have been with her now for well over a year. She would like return to the USA for a much needed rest for two months (starting at the end of June 2016) and bring them with her for a visit. She has not been back "home" in a year to see her parents and siblings.

Please pray that this trip will result in rest for Angela and further healing for these two precious young girls and that their expenses will be met. The tickets and expenses for the 3 of them costs over 3000.00 USD. So far $1500.00 USD has been raised from family and the evangelical association in Bolivia.
If you feel led to help with this expense, you can use the PayPal button below for a secure credit card transaction online or by making out a check out to "Bridget Rapoza" (her mother) Memo: Angela Rapoza
and send it to:

Angela Rapoza
c/o Bridget Rapoza
971 Cowlitz St.
Saint Helens, OR 97051

Contributions are very much appreciated...

Angela Rapoza PHOTO After all these years finally got motorized transportation Angela Rapoza PHOTO Gathering of many children during outreaches
Angela Rapoza PHOTO Teaching in many villages weekly the gospel to children Angela Rapoza PHOTO Walking many miles with evangelistic teams

The tickets for 3 are over 3000.00 USD
Contributions are very much appreciated...

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