Missionary Profile:
Last Updated: april 4th, 2019

PHOTO: Kule Colonel

Kule Colonel

Missionary Pastor
Jesus' Church Hima
Kasese, Western Uganda


PHOTO Kules family Over four years ago, Kule Colonel and his family set out to minister in a village in Western Uganda and presently there are now approximately 250 men, women and children gathering with them today. You can see more about that church gathering HERE.

Their focus of ministry:

1. To carry out discipleship, evangelism to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by word and action and establish churches or places of worship.

2. To do outreach christian ministry in the prisons, children remand homes, vunerable women, widows, youth, the sick and detention areas with a view to spread the love of God.

3. To organize seminars, crusades and conferences for the sole work of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ hence bringing many lost souls to God.

4. To vigorously feed people with the word of God aiming at building home/families to reduce the alarming number of homeless street children in Kasese, Uganda.

For four years he had been living with his wife and six children in the below pictured one-room temporary dwelling. (also pictured below with his mother who is a widow). They started a house big enough to house them properly and minister out of but because of finances had been unable to complete the roof, etc. so they could live in it. (See pictures below) He also farms a small plot of land to try to make ends meet.

As of August, 2018. Due to the generosity of several people by the Lord's leading, more work has been done to prepare a decent house for them. The roof has been completed and exterior doors and windows have been installed. (photos near bottom of page). They are now living in the house "as is" (unfinished).

IMMEDIATE NEEDS (Jan. 14th, 2019):

Because the house is not sealed properly (walls need to be plastered) and the dirt floor (needs to be concreted), there are mice entering the house that have brought small insect-like parasites that attach to their feet and in bed during night they suck blood from the body. Rats also enter the house and spread germs.... The latrine needs cement and bricks as well so that sanitation for their family becomes better.


A) WALL PLASTERING NEEDS (cover brick walls inside and outside):

  • 1) 90 bags of cement that will costs $900.
  • 2) sand 3 trips will costs $120.
  • 3) transport and labor will costs $320.


  • 1) Bricks (250) will costs $75.
  • 2) aggregates 4 trips will costs $240.
  • 3) transport and cement 35 bags will costs $39


  • 1) weather guard 8 jerrycans will cost $600.
  • 2) transport and labor will costs $69.


  • 1) Total cost $230.


Kule Colonel can be reached directly via his Facebook page or FB-Messenger on his phone at this LINK or by emailing him at colonelk90@yahoo.com.

PHOTO Their present dwelling If you feel led to help with his expenses, you can use the PayPal button below for a secure credit card transaction online, Western Union or by making out a check to:
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LAST NAME: Colonel

PayPal (Via Helps Communications):
Contributions are very much appreciated... If using Western Union, please be sure to contact him with the appropriate information so he can confirm on that end... (First Name: Kule, Last Name: Colonel, MTCM#, and Amount in UGX)

PHOTO Roof Framing PHOTO Roof Framing PHOTO Roof Complete PHOTO Roof and Doors Installed PHOTO Back Door And Windows